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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Canto VII

Canto VII
They knew when I had come. Possessed of so little faith, they could not be brought easily to belief. Then the five corners began to complete and they shuddered. And they began to tamper with time.
My father, the first to jump from a plane...with a chute he designed himself.
The target was on a runway, one he was assured was reserved (true, for the plane that nearly hit him.)
While he was recovering his signature was forged so that the Germans could begin blietzkrieg.
Whom did he think he was working for in the US Army Air Corps? It took the bad knee to teach him...the munitions industry. And when he forgot, there was seeing his tri-chimney (intended to give steerage to men not bent on enemy fire and mine fields) used to bring a visit from the sun upon two Japanese cities. Slowing fat bombs so that bursts would be high enough overhead for the fireball to go down, before up.
His uncle just a little later finds the Moon Shaft. Deep inside all the time knowing what it was.
Later, intimating only to me. The others had no need for such enormity. Mother would not talk about my father, the man she left before I was born. I had to wait 12 years to know why EBEs had attacked us that night in 1947 in New Mexico, as we moved to Texas.
Looking into oval pools I had passion not to join, one thought had driven them away...sending them in their own oval ship sparking into oblivion.
My beloved grandfather died just before the completion of that third. Summoned to his bed too late, I returned with heavy heart. A wait in Albuquerque brought me face to face with their own again.
The Man In Black, Rinn Clark, to give the reluctant warning. Even THEY must play by rules.
Rinn, the man of eternal mystery, magician guild president, owner of the Western Hills Motels
(where Marinna was "debriefed" two weeks following the assassination,) and the only Chinese emperor's robes outside tombs today...all seven of them! Rinn had to place the offering, he had to hope I would come over. That night just before Christmas (1962) in Sasebo Harbor was the fourth. The night of my awakening to what I was, from whence it came and my purpose. When the lights came over those small mountains and formed a V to my mind. What Rinn Clark had known...and what he had hoped would not.
Aimless for so long, until that summer in Utah...like what I had done in that stone in Arizona for 50,000 years, still dormant to purpose, waiting for the time of clarity to come...when it did. The place for the new heaps. Watched over by timid children that can't stop digging in their own dirt. Watching the Hand of God deposit the source of life. Not knowing what forbodes, what hope lingers for the rest.
The five corners of the pentagram were complete. Compressing time was but a part of it.
The Host
There are so many ways to tremble...
that we would have you learn.
So many ways to cowardice beyond
to strangle, stab and burn.
The Highest has placed us near to spite
our ever intending goal
That we would make of man an equal
inspite of never having had a soul.
Copyright April 2001 James C. Horak

Additional Notes:
The quality of this Canto is not in keeping with the others. Hurriedly I wrote this, since I may not be allowed here much longer. Too, this is not according to my plan of how I meant to present this work. For I've not been allowed the "run around" your incredulity, with which I know you will react. Wondrous things have never ceased. It is purely an invention of industrial tyrants that they ever have. Men that would replace dragons and sorcerers with cold steel and glass buildings...and soulless efforts just as empty as themselves.
You must ask yourself, in the recently revealed reality of how little concern there is to secure national secrets from other nations, just for whose benefit the secrecy is maintained? Especially the secrets about UFOs, the EMVs in the Rings of Saturn and around the sun, and the constantly increasing pathogens intentionally developed in the name of military preparedness.
In the end, if you pursue the matter long enough, one inevitable conclusion can be reached. The secrecy is maintained to prevent the human species from realizing its potential. We have the most wonderful potentials. Our imagination is just a glimpse around the corner of that.

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