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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Canto VI

Canto VI
When does the secret yearning we have for what touches our dreams and reaches beyond the daylight world, know our soul?
What challenges our faithfulness to promise, and holds answering lust to more stead than knowing love? 
How will fear for the future allow us time to pursue something more than to but digress,
again and again, away from a course that comes to these answers?
These are questions more important to us than the brevity of lifetimes.
Lifetimes that recreate the same failures and where we learn the value for not
failing only after the value is diminished.
Would we view life as some carnival ride taken on a dare...new to possibility,
with the resolve to try that next level of testing our courage? And when the rider
could be even more brilliant by grasping the unknowns haunting the past with doubt?
Just by venturing, without weighing one single thing but to know something new.
Child Wonder
Nothing is more astute than thee
meddlesome, brazen little gnome.
Head too big, feet and legs unsure,
Incredibly frightened to be alone.
Testing everything, then back again...
to pull kitten's tail and puppy's ear.
Punishing the air and whatever else is there.
Never questioning that exhuberance....
until you're murderously told to.
Copyright May 2001 James C. Horak

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