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Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Rush of Human Consciousness

The Rush of Human Consciousness to Resolve Earth-bound Past Years back, “the quickening” was a touted observation discussed at length and probed by various talk show hosts and guests but never really examined so that the concept of events culminating at a terminal point in time could be fathomed. Attempts to do so were so failing that the carry-over from the quickening concept hardly survives today. It would have if the penetration had been conducted on a more expanded level. Why it was not is a story in itself, but important to realize in order to show the pattern in which so many hopeful starts in revealing astounding discoveries are simply reverted back by a centering mechanism that is not only the province of an individual, but that of a collective...even perhaps a worldwide one. I have ventured here for you, but to let me know you follow closely so that I can defeat such implanted mechanisms you must earn the answers with “stay on the path” questions. Else I cannot take you where we might both wish to be. Something of a quest. JCH

Monday, 15 October 2012

A Refinded Cosmology To Address Cosmic Anomaly

A Refined Cosmology To Address Cosmic Anomaly 

Lifting the Veil 

Crystal Clark interviews James Horak 

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This may well be the first time earth-bound humanity has been told the truth about our past—ever.

Should that be the case, this is a Great Day for the people on this planet—this is no small thing. It is entirely natural and expected that people will ask themselves, “How can we possibly know if this is true?”

As you move through each segment of this 3-part series, the answer will become self-evident: If we are able to turn things around on this planet fast enough, which will also ensure that we survive our own technology and those who abuse it, we will be in a position to TEST this story… I like that. :)

I want to thank Helvetic, creator of the www.information-machine.blogspot.com for inviting me to host this series, and I would like to thank James Horak for his assistance to humanity at this time. I would also like to thank OmetaOne for all of his hard work on the audio editing. It was gracious of him to honor your time as individuals, consequently condensing these files to the shortest time frame possible.

I would imagine some of you are wondering if I personally believe this story?

Yes—I do.

At the same time, as another friend (Mel Fabregas) often says in his own way, I would rather *know* than believe but there’s only one way to do that, and we deserve that opportunity. I look forward to it…

Blessings and enjoy the view, Crystal Clark

Crystal Clark
is author of the books:
Who Are We Really 101 - Return of the Shaman
Who Are We Really 102 - When Tomorrow Comes
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